Getting a fruit tree

I had read that the California Rare Fruit Growers ( Annual Scion Exchange was happening this weekend right in my neighborhood so I decided now was the time to get my own fruit salad tree (  That is a tree that has multiple types of fruit trees grafted onto one rootstock. You can graft nectarines, peaches, cherries, pluots, plums, and apricots onto the same rootstock. This event brings together lots of local fruit growers who bring scion wood to exchange. That is basically clippings from their own trees that they are pruning off anyway.  All the scion wood is free after your $5 entry fee. They also were selling a limited amount of rootstock to graft onto. Definitely great for me because I don’t have any fruit trees yet. I didn’t realize how limited. The event was very popular.



So I was at the event just minutes after the doors opened and they ran out of plum rootstock right away. Boo. I’m going to have to go another route to start my own orchard. I’ve been eying the catalog for Peaceful Valley Farm Supply.  I’m going to order a multi-graft pluot so that I will have a tree to graft onto next year when the scion exchange comes around.

Here’s the one I want.

It should be great.


Beans! Beans! The musical fruit!

Beans! Beans! The musical fruit!

I love beans. I’ve decided to grow a couple kinds this year. I chose Orca beans for my bush beans that make great dried beans for soups and rattlesnake snap pole beans for eating as green beans. Both are heirloom types that I got from Redwood Seeds (  based in Manton, CA.  They were at the Downtown Farmers Market under the WX freeway and had a lot of great heirloom vegetable seeds.

My orca beans sprouting

My orca beans sprouting

These beans will grow as a nice bush that doesn’t need any additional support.

Here's the rattlesnake snap pole beans coming up.

Here’s the rattlesnake snap pole beans coming up.

These pole beans will need a nice trellis to support them. I’m thinking of using a simple system of a couple of 2×4’s with the sections of stock fence I got from my parents. I’ll post some pictures when I get them up. Since these guys just broke the ground I don’t need them up quite yet.

I mentioned a well known side effect of eating beans: flatulence. Have you ever wondered why it happens? Oligosaccharides! They are long chain sugar molecules that humans don’t have the enzymes to digest so bacteria in your gut do the work but the byproduct is A LOT of carbon dioxide gas. It doesn’t have any way to get out so the pressure builds until you get bad gas.

My new artichoke bed!

My new artichoke bed!

I had just planted these when I took this picture. It has been a week since and they are doing fine after a little transplant shock.

The cool thing about artichokes is that they are a big thistle. The part we eat is the flower bud. They originated in the Mediterranean region of Europe which is perfect for our climate here in California.  We grow almost 100% of the US crop of artichokes. I can’t wait for those yummy buds with some mayo.